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Constipation can be a real pain, but so many people accept it as normal or say things like constipation just runs in the family.

Constipation like IBS can be a very generalised term used to cover a multitude of symptoms.

Believe it or not it is normal to know what your stool looks like.  It’s the end result of what you put into your body – of course it’s important!

  • The normal transit time, that’s table to toilet, is 18 to 24 hours.
  • The average in the UK and Ireland is 60-70 hours.
  • In The Wellbeing Clinic the most common symptom experienced is constipation.
  • So many people have been constipated for so long they begin to accept the sluggishness, lack of energy, skin problems, irritability and much more, and worse still they begin to think its normal to feel that way.

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