7 Benefits from drinking Happy Belly By Anima Mundi

Happy Belly reduces bloating and helps shift tummy fat.

This exquisite powder is easy to dust into anything, from healthy foods, smoothies, juices, to simply dissolving in water to drink as a digestive juice before meals.

Anima Mundi Happy Belly

Key benefits of Happy Belly:

  1. Helps to de-bloat so you can feel comfortable and fit easily into clothes you love to wear.
  2. Gut detox so you can get rid of harmful toxins daily, helping to reduce the risk of unpleasant symptoms and promoting best possible health.
  3. Helps liver breakdown fat so will support any changes or positive steps you take toward weight loss.
  4. Reduces the formation of gas, so again leaves you feeling more confident and comfortable.
  5. Anti-inflammatory - happy belly will help to calm inflammation anywhere in the body. The gut primarily but it won't stop there.
  6. Happy Belly is powerfully adaptogenic so it will not only help you deal with the symptoms or discomfort you have now, it will also support and nurture you body to step up and become as capable as possible when dealing with these stressors.
  7. Helps to alkalise the body so will help to boost your overall health and reduce the risk of chronic disease.


  • Stir 1 tsp into warm water or tea and drink 30 minutes before meals.
  • Can be drunk following a meal if you've overeaten or feel very bloated.
  • Add it as a food supplement to smoothies, juices etc

Servings Approx 50 1 teaspoon servings per jar

Ingredients: Cranberry Juice Extract Powder, Garcinia cambogia extract powder, Mangosteen fruit & peel, Cha de Bugre leaf, Ginger, Hibiscus.

This gentle yet powerful herbal blend assists the microbiome, help with fat breakdown while being nutritive.

Store in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight.