October Detox Program 2022

Okay The Wellbeing Clinic Detox is coming in Oct 3rd. Watch this short video to learn the different holistic approach I take to detoxing and why it might be just what you need right now...

Use the time stamps to skip to the different parts of the video you are most interested in.

1:03 My approach to detoxing

1:40 The emotional aspects of the Lung and Colon

3:44 What are you trying to get from this detox? Get your mindset sorted first.

4:32 Connections within your body, see how everything is reflected



5:29 Some thoughts around removing dairy from your diet

6:00 Why would you knowingly eat something that harms you?

7:03 It's a lifestyle choice... Detoxing v's conscious empowered choices

8:13 The need for emotional aromatherapy during detoxing

10:40 What are the things I can do to raise my frequency or vitality around my lungs and colon?

11:41 Detoxing is a natural process. Your body is doing it anyway so let's give it a helping hand.

12:27 The October Detox Program and what you will get from it.

Contact me, Edel O'Hanlon with any questions.

Checkout the October Detox Program here