Emotional Wellbeing - Oxy-Powder Colon Cleanse Capsules

When you detox and nourish your emotions you create new energy in your life. New actions bring different choices and abundance.


I believe your Emotional Well-being is core to every aspect of your health because your emotions influence the choices you make. They can motivate you to make choices and take new actions, or they can keep you stuck. On that hamster wheel.

Your physical body is the slowest to change because it’s dense. Anyone who has tried to lose weight knows this. It takes a few weeks on a new diet and exercise program before we start to see results.

Emotions can shift faster. It’s just the old stuck emotions that have been around for a while that can take a bit more effort to clear and shift. Being stuck in your emotions means you can be stuck on all levels – physically, emotionally, mentally and on a soul level.

Emotions are key because they will cause you to take new actions on a physical level but they will also help you clear and grow mentally and on a soul level too. Your emotions as powerful!

I use essential oils to help my clients heal and move forward in their lives. There are oil protocols that only need to be done once and others that you can use for maintenance or as and when you need them.

Once you understand how they work you will be empowered to choose which oils you need.

Emotional Well-being training coming very soon!!

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