I’ve just published a new edition of my 28 Day Detox e-guide. 

And right now, for you, it’s FREE. Yay!!

I’ve given it a face-lift and updated the content.

You can grab it by clicking this link.

I do believe that taking some steps in the right direction, however small, will add up and contribute to our overall health.

If you do slip up during the detox don’t beat yourself up about it. Life really is too short for that.

Consider the 28 days a success if it were just to spring clean your digestive system.

Plus you might become more aware of your eating habits, and the quality/quantity of the food you eat.

Obviously I recommend taking Oxy-Powder colon cleanse capsules for the duration of the detox.

It will help to remove toxins and reduce withdrawals. 

So what’s not to like about that 🙂

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