A note on Vitamin C products.

For most the last three weeks have been out of stock of the majority of our Vitamin C products. This has been due to unprecedented and sudden demand, around 10 x the normal level.
We still have a few in stock, with the “in stock” Vitamin C products listed first followed by the expected in stock dates of all of the others, where known. But some good news: we have 100 bottles of our own Vitamin C expected tomorrow, and another 100 bottles of Liposomal Vitamin C the following day. So by the middle of this week we will have a relatively good range of vitamins and by the middle of the next week, we will have maybe not a full range, but certainly a very health range of options…finally! 

Click this link to take you to the Finchley Clinic.

Just in case some of you missed my previous email, I’ve asked The Finchley Clinic to handle my orders until after Covid-19. They have very kindly agreed.

So The Wellbeing Clinic and The Finchley Clinic are working together to get you the supplements you need in the safest way possible.

As I get information from the Finchley Clinic I will pass on what I feel might be useful for you.

If you have any questions do get in touch.
Chat soon & stay safe,
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