Handy oil hack to make it easier to carry your oils with you.

Here’s a handy oil hack. I use really small sample bottles to make up my blends in advance.

The oil hack I use is that I make them with roller bottles and in spray bottles. It just depends on what I want to use them for.

I find them handy because I make them in advance and pop them in my handbag, or a small carry bag in the car.

That way they are to hand when I need them.

There are about six to eight different oils that I use most. But you can always add or substitute oils when ever you wish.

Oil hacks are so handy and there are so many available to us.

What I recommend is that you google oil hacks to see what shows up for you.

Click on what sounds most interesting or useful to you and start there.

There are some oil hacks that I can never see myself using. But there are a few that are pretty darn useful.

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