My life has changed.  That’s what my client said.

“Edel I just had to say ‘thank you’ for the oxy-powder. I feel like my life has been changed.

All the years of bloating, discomfort gone.
I feel like I’ve lost half a stone. Thanks again and for all your help at a very difficult time” ❤️

Not everyone who works with me wants to tackle their blocks at a soul level.
We need to be able to tackle them wherever they show up.

💎 15 years ago I started helping people who suffered with constipation. Not because I’m fascinated with constipation but because I’m fascinated with people.

💎 When a person can’t even ‘let go’ of their own digestive waste, how can they let go on any level? Emotionally or mentally?

💎 When I was treating my clients all sorts of issues were coming up for them, relationships, family, their work, money worries or their health in general.

They were holding on so tightly to their worries that their body was losing it’s ability to function naturally.

❤️ Helping a person to go to the loo may sound less than glamorous to some. But the way I see it, is that sometimes helping a person at a very basic level is exactly what they need me to do.

It can take courage to ‘let go’ and move forward in life, from time to time we may need help to do that. 🙏

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