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Group Program – Manifesting Blueprint the Edel O’Hanlon Method


We create every day. Every choice we make creates a result or a consequence. The thing we need to master is how to consciously create.

The thing is your soul wants to experience itself here on earth. There is no right or wrong experience, because it’s all an experience.

Don’t get hung up on your soul’s purpose or path. If you’re alive your soul is experiencing itself. Experiencing it through lack and abundance. You are not being judged on it. But I’m sure we all agree it’s a whole lot nicer to experience ourselves through abundance, or at the very least through a more acceptable level of lack.

The Manifesting Blueprint is your road map to how your soul is specifically designed to experience your Divinity while here on Earth. This road map is made up of seven different moving parts. Where you align within these core aspects will show you how your soul prefers to manifest.

Included in this Group Program

  • Your personal Manifesting Blueprint explained over a live zoom call with Edel O’Hanlon. 
  • We will hone in specifically on where you’re in alignment and then locate problem areas for you. The four most common areas are money, relationships, health and career.
  • Live training through a private members only Facebook group, so you can learn to apply what you know in real life. These will be the most effective change and mindset coaching sessions you will ever have!
  • Ongoing weekly support through the Facebook group for the duration of your 12 month membership. (included in price)
  • Results are measurable. How you align to your blueprint is measurable and will these numbers will shift as you make changes in your life. Every group member will get one blueprint alignment recheck so you can measure your progress.