Never waste a good crisis as Winston Churchill would say.

The Corona virus crisis – it can bring up fear for people.

I want to remind you though that change can be a good thing. Although this change has been forced upon us, without choice. But we still have to deal with it.

The measures we need to take to stay healthy will help us re-evaluate what’s important to us.

This is an opportunity to take stock.  To figure out what’s really important to us and our families.

What is it you want to do with your life?

What do you want from your life?

Are you happy in your work, finances, relationships or health?

With a virus looming that’s set to infect 80% of the population, it tends to focus our attention!

Seriously though.

If you’re planning to reduce who you interact with and what public settings you go to. You will have to decide what you are prepared to not do.

What or who are you going to let go of?

This is an opportunity to think about what you want to change.

Make plans. Work things out.

Although Winston Churchill was famous for his this quote and how he led his country through the war he also got voted out of power when he made the changes that would pay for the war.

Change can be so very interesting. I feel the key is to be aware. To be conscious of what actions and thoughts I have each day.

That’s what will create our change…and our future.

I’m here if you want support in working things out.

Stay safe,