Essential Soul Healing using lunar wisdom

Elevate Your Life's Journey with Lunar Wisdom

A community dedicated to nurturing growth, deepening understanding & enriching your spiritual path

Enriching Your Journey with Depth and Insight

At the heart of Essential Soul Healing lies a transformative experience designed to enrich and elevate your life's journey. It's not about changing your path, but more about deepening it with insight and understanding.

In Essential Soul Healing, every session is an invitation to explore the more profound aspects of your being. As you align with the lunar cycles, you'll find that your daily life begins to reflect a more harmonious and rhythmic flow. This alignment isn't about altering your path drastically; it's about enriching it, adding depth and value to your experiences.

Pause and Reflect with Essential Soul Healing

Pause & Reflect

Imagine each healing session as a moment to pause, reflect, and infuse your life with renewed energy and perspective. Whether it's the gentle guidance of the new moon or the releasing power of the full moon, each phase brings its unique wisdom to your journey. This wisdom doesn't overshadow your personal experiences; instead, it magnifies the beauty and potential in each moment.

Discover the true essence of transformation with Essential Soul Healing

True Essence of Transformation

Through Essential Soul Healing, you'll discover that the true essence of transformation lies in enhancing what already exists within you. It's about nurturing and cultivating the seeds of your dreams, aspirations, and deepest desires. As you journey with us, you'll find that the richness of life doesn't just lie in new experiences but in seeing the familiar with new eyes, feeling more deeply, and understanding more profoundly.

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Is Essential Soul Healing Right for You?

Discover if Essential Soul Healing resonates with your journey:

  • Seeking Deeper Connections: You're at ease in your life but crave experiences that offer deeper meaning and connection.
  • Passionate About Growth: Your journey in personal development is ongoing, and you're open to transformative practices.
  • Aligned with Nature's Rhythms: The natural cycles of the moon intrigue you, and you're curious about how they can enhance your life.
  • Valuing Community Support: A supportive, like-minded community is something you cherish for nurturing your growth.

Benefits of Joining Essential Soul Healing

Joining Essential Soul Healing offers a transformative journey, aligning you with the natural rhythms of life and empowering you to live with greater intention and harmony. Here's how being a part of this unique community can enrich your life:

Benefits of Joining Essential Soul Healing

Monthly Focus and Clarity:

Each month, you're invited to join the 'A Month of Manifesting Masterclass', designed to help you set clear intentions and focus.

This unique planning process, developed by Edel O'Hanlon, ensures you're aligned with your goals and the lunar cycles, providing a structured yet flexible framework for personal growth.

Angelic Core Healing™

Angelic Core Healing™ is an Ascension Healing. Experience the profound benefits of distance Angelic Core Healing™. These sessions support your journey, fostering success by healing old wounds, releasing limiting beliefs, and rejuvenating your spirit.

doTERRA Essential Oils Guidance:

Receive expert insight on integrating doTERRA essential oils into your healing and daily routines. These oils, known for their purity and potency, complement the healing sessions, accelerating and amplifying your intentions. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned user, you'll find value in this aspect of the program. (Note: The use of essential oils is optional, you may have your own preferred brand)

Harmonizing with Lunar Cycles:

Embrace the wisdom of the moon's cycles, a practice embraced by women for generations. By aligning with these natural rhythms, you create a life that flows more smoothly, understanding the best times for action, reflection, and rest.

Community and Support:

Join a community of like-minded individuals, all on their own paths of personal development and healing. This supportive environment fosters connections, shared experiences, and collective growth.

Flexibility for All Levels:

Whether you're new to energy healing or an experienced practitioner, Essential Soul Healing offers a welcoming and adaptable experience. The program is designed to meet you where you are in your journey, providing support and guidance tailored to your individual needs.

Join Essential Soul Healing and Start Your Healing Journey



"I would highly recommend Edel’s soul healing sessions. Edel has a wonderful ability to connect with each client’s individual needs. I am very impressed with how Edel combines essential oils with her energy work and feel the combination of both enhance the healing."

Rachel Murphy

I loved it Edel. I literally felt a weight lift off me during it, I slept great and I feel really good since. Thank you.

Tara Beirne

I’m still settling back into my bones and working through the last healing ...I need recovery time! It’s powerful stuff! Loved the shifts it’s brought for me including a 3-week staggered marathon decluttering and swapping rooms about. Thanks again Edel & great healing tonight

Naomi Gleeson

Edel uses her intuition and finely tuned skills to tune into her client's energy field, working energetically to clear blockages and patterns to bring about positive change. I have enjoyed learning the different essential oil protocols as well as experiencing Edel's angelic healing virtually.

Anna Frayne

Hi Edel, I want to state my gratitude...I can only say the healing I have received through your essential soul healing programme has been profound. I feel so much stronger in myself, happier and a total feeling of renewal. I am truly grateful to you and your help always.

Caroline Martin

The essential soul healing brings me balance, clears my head and creates a space that helps me move beyond the place I have healed myself. I have felt it stops the emotional rollercoaster I can get stuck in …….It gave me protocols that established…… and are now part of my daily self-care routines ….. I find it helps me create and maintain a good place in myself!


Very peaceful

Thank you for the healing session last night Edel. It felt very peaceful and harmonious.

Ruth Gilmartin

I would highly recommend Edel’s soul healing sessions. Edel has a wonderful ability to connect with each client's individual needs. I am very impressed with how Edel combines essential oils with her energy work and feel the combination of both enhance the healing. Edel is very generous with her information around the emotional benefits from the various oils used in each session which is invaluable. I would highly recommend her healing sessions and are well worth the money.

Cathy O'Brien

I first came to know Edel when I got an interest in using DoTERRA oils. When she mentioned she was going to combine the oils with soul healing I was interested to trying it out because I love how the oils smell and make me feel.

Knowing that you could incorporate the oils in the healing and that they can increase the affects and benefits more made me excited. 

So, I decided to join the essential soul healing and what I got from being a part of it is amazing. I get to connect more intuitively and it has shown me how to deal with negative and positive energy and get through my days and weeks with more ease and just be me.

I’m still learning but love every session I do. It makes me be more confident, calm and peaceful in myself so thank you Edel 🙏

Audrey McClaran


Aligning with the lunar cycles provides a natural rhythm to your healing and personal growth. It helps in setting intentions, releasing what no longer serves you, and embracing new beginnings in sync with the moon's phases.

Angelic Core Healing™ is a unique Angelic Spiritual Healing system developed by Brian McCullen. It reawakens your Angelic connection, and involves working with Angels and Archangels to release emotional and spiritual blockages, facilitating deep healing and accelerating your spiritual evolution.

While we recommend doTERRA oils for their effectiveness in enhancing the healing process, their use is not mandatory. You're welcome to participate in Essential Soul Healing, with or without the use of these oils. Or you can choose to use your own preferred brand.

The 'Plan a Month of Manifesting' Masterclass are designed to help you really hone in on your healing, to set clear intentions and create a focused plan for the month ahead, aligned with the lunar calendar. They offer guidance and support in integrating the moon's cycles into your personal and spiritual growth.

Yes, Essential Soul Healing is designed to be accessible and beneficial for individuals at all levels of experience with energy healing, from complete beginners to seasoned practitioners.

No, absolutely not. Our focus is on your healing and growth, and any recommendations for products like doTERRA oils are purely optional.

I fully understand that you may already have a healing routines and preferences. Essential Soul Healing is here to enhance the work you're already doing.

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