Anima Mundi Tooth Polish

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Anima mundi comes with a highly alkalizing plant paste filled with enzymes, minerals and probiotics. You can use it as Toothpaste or as a supplement to your oral care regime.

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This fluoride free tooth polish can be used instead of toothpaste. You can use a pea sized amount for brushing or as a gentle gum massage using your fingertips. Allow it to sit on your gums and teeth for about a minute, swish very hard with water for as long as you can (like oil pulling), and then rinse. It can also be applied directly to cold sores (aka canker sores).

Ingredients include MCT Oil, White Kaolin Clay, Sodium bicarbonate, Peppermint Oil, Stevia extract, Myrrh Oil, Neem Seed Oil.

Warning this product contains tree nuts.


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