Done for you service

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If you feel time poor or don’t want the hassle of doing everything yourself this is for you.

Whatever you need we can organise it for you.

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Who this service is for

If you are someone who finds it hard to have time to research and organise everything yourself.

You want to use the right good quality supplements and have a holistic plan to work to.

If you struggle in the online space and find placing orders online confusing.

If you feel your particular case is different from the norm so may need a more personalised approach.

This service may include but is not limited to the following,

  • We can order your oxy-powder or set up a standing order for you. Your delivery will just arrive automatically so you don't need to do anything.
  • You can have an email with your specific personalised instructions for using Oxy-Powder for cleansing and/or maintenance.
  • You can have an email with personalised recommendations for doTERRA Essentials supplements and essential oils.
  • We can open a wholesale account with doTERRA essentials so you receive 25%-35% off all products.
  • We can place your doTERRA order for you. You can have a standing order here too!
  • When all is done for you we will send you all the resource links and details you need. All in one comprehensive email so you can use over and over again.

It's much easier to take control and get into good habits when the foundation work is done for you.

Let me know what it is you struggle with so I can help you out.

Let us keep things simple and easy for you ♥


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