Global Healing Detoxadine®
Detoxadine by Global Healing
Organic Detoxadine Nascent Iodine by Global Healing
Global Healing Detoxadine®

Global Healing Detoxadine®

Certified Organic Nascent Iodine Supplement

Essential nutrition for a healthy thyroid, metabolism and balanced hormones.

Key Benefits:

  • Helps balance hormones
  • Boosts and helps regulate metabolism 
  • Helps to energise and avoid the low energy sluggish feeling that comes with low thyroid function.

Apparently, a marked increase in energy can be experienced within the first month of use. However, those with issues such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia and unexplained fatigue may take up to 3 months to experience improved energy.

Who's it for?

  • Anyone who wants to support their thyroid and hormone health
  • Those who want to protect the thyroid gland from radiation

*Global Healing suggests that Detoxadine may help support thyroid function and promote overall health and wellness. However, it is always important to consult with a healthcare provider before beginning any new supplement regimen.

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Recommended Use

Global Healing recommend taking 3 drops daily, immediately followed by a glass of water and swallow. Blended in a glycerin base for quick, gentle absorption. Providing 650 micrograms of iodine per drop.

Obviously, it tastes like iodine which in not unpleasant but also not a familiar taste. Some people prefer to pop the 3 drops into a glass of water. Make sure you drink the full glass to get the full dose.

It's recommended to take Detoxadine in the morning since it helps with energy, and you can take it with or without food.

Key Benefits You Can Expect

  • Promotes detoxing and supports thyroid function
  • Hormone balance
  • Aids sleep & balanced moods
  • Focus and alertness improve when the thyroid is healthy.
  • Iodine is anti-microbial, anti-viral and anti-parasitical. 
  • Detoxadine detoxes and protects the thyroid against damaging halogens such as fluoride, chlorine, and bromine.

If you struggle with low functioning thyroid or have been advised by your healthcare provider to increase your iodine intake, Detoxadine® is easily absorbed by the body. It's a convenient affordable solution.

Dietary Supplement

Your body can't produce iodine so you need to take it in as part of your diet. But it may be difficult to find a constant supply of good quality iodine rich foods. 

Six Month Supply

This 30 ml bottle is enough for six months of daily use.

Natural Source

Certified Organic Nascent Iodine Supplement by Global Healing. Created from salt deposits found deep within the earth's crust. 

Pure. Concentrated. Powerful.


Nascent iodine is made by using electricity to break the diatomic iodine bond and create a single, highly energized atom. This atomic (nano) form gives it a high electromagnetic charge, which helps the body absorb and use nascent iodine easily for metabolic and detoxification processes.

Global Healing recommend taking three drops daily, each containing 650 mcg of nascent iodine.

Detoxadine detoxes and protects the thyroid against damaging halogens such as fluoride, chlorine, and bromine.

Detoxadine is excellent for filling in the gaps in your diet and supporting normal thyroid health. It is not intended to treat or prevent a thyroid condition. Please consider working with your natural healthcare provider before use for additional tips and guidance.

This product is not recommended for children.

Although it is preferred to take on an empty stomach, this product can be taken with or without meals, directly by mouth, or can be mixed in water or juice as desired.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
I would buy this product again and again

The best oral iodine supplement I've tried, you feel the difference right away. Love this product!

Wanda B
Helps balance my thyroid

Functioning well and I feel better when I take it. It's easy to take 3 drops a day and I feel the difference when I take it, or don't.

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