Essential Soul Healing Membership

Essential Soul Healing Membership

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Experience group coaching and distance healing support, as you make aligned choices and take decisive actions that are 100% aligned with your authentic soul self.

Commit to just 3 months membership at a time. Bite sized chunks that take you farther than you will ever go on your own. 

Essential Soul Healing is a deeply healing & contemplative experience.

  • You get to create a natural rhythm in your life using the cycles of the moon. 
  • Carve out time to plan, take action and a time to breathe, to clear and reflect.
  • Women have been working with cycles since forever. It makes sense to us.
Change is easy when you're in your flow. 

    Using a unique Edel O'Hanlon method crafted over many years of experience.

    Essential Soul Healing came into being because my clients were experiencing this deep need to heal as they evolved on emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

     What's included inside this membership? 

    • On each new moon we have a live Angelic Core Healing session online.
    • On the full moon we have a remote distance healing which is not live but I feed back to the group following the session.
    • Each month I'll keep you on track with where we are in the lunar cycle and offer prompts to help you make experience the best possible results. 
    • Angelic Core Healing, which is an advanced healing system, is my favourite method of healing. But I also mix in other modalities as the multi-dimensional energy needs require them. 
    • A replay of the live healing will be available for those who cannot attend the live session. Obviously, you're receiving the healing either way. 
    • Essential Soul Healing is both a healing and contemplative experience. I offer guidance and coaching so you can make decisions and choices that are aligned with your own authentic self.
    • Essential oils are powerful healing catalysts and I will share my knowledge and experience of them with you each month.

    I work with essential oils intuitively to channel unique healing activations and protocols that will enhance any work you do on yourself. Even if it is simply to stop and begin to understand yourself.

    The oils work incredibly well alongside Angelic frequencies in helping you heal, clear old stagnant energies and ground in your new way of being. Perfect for a complete beginner right up to a healing master.

    This Emotional Aromatherapy Kit is ideally for when you start out in the membership. You can progress to single oils when you're ready,

    We started back in January 2021 during the Covid pandemic and has continued to support members ever since. Change is a way of life now and it’s accelerating, it's time to create a whole new world for ourselves.

    Give yourself the gift of graceful transmutation. 

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Mary M
    Essential Soul Healing is magical

    Essential Soul Healing is magical, for me it's like a personal review of the month ahead you can focus on what you like to achieve out best solutions to challenges as they arise..set goals to achieve results going forward ..makes me more aware of what I can do to live the life I desire... it get your thinking and stops you from making rash decisions... more heart and soul choices.

    Naomi G
    I’m still settling back into my bones

    I’m still settling back into my bones and working through the last healing ...I need recovery time! It’s powerful stuff! Loved the shifts it’s brought for me including a 3-week staggered marathon decluttering and swapping rooms about. Thanks again Edel & great healing tonight 

    Tara B
    I loved it Edel

    I loved it Edel. I literally felt a weight lift off me during it, I slept great and I feel really good since. Thank you.

    Siobhan McK
    A sense of transformation

    I found it really nice connecting with Edel and the group during the guided essential soul healing sessions. Using the essential oil protocol daily helped me to focus on my own healing process and what was surfacing for me. I felt supported knowing that Edel had my back during with the clearing sessions. These were really helpful and always gave me a sense of transformation, release and letting go of stuff I no longer needed. Thank you 💕

    Cathy O'B
    Highly Recommend

    I would highly recommend Edel’s soul healing sessions. Edel has a wonderful ability to connect with each client's individual needs. I am very impressed with how Edel combines essential oils with her energy work and feel the combination of both enhance the healing. Edel is very generous with her information around the emotional benefits from the various oils used in each session which is invaluable. I would highly recommend her healing sessions and are well worth the money.



    Hi Edel I love this product. It works so well …. did your 28 day detox I’m down 10 pounds and feel great.


    Oxy-Powder works every time. It’s the only colon cleanser I take that won’t cause cramping, gas and rushing to the toilet! Thank you!


    Oxy-Powder, really is a great product – it works every time.
    I feel a lot better inside since I started using it and I recommend it to so many people I know.

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