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Rebalance & Eliminate Overwhelm package


Our emotional health is so important as it has a knock on effect to our physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. Emotional health is also essential when setting your intentions and focusing on what you want to achieve in life.

We needed emotional maturity and balance to deal with the lock down but I know from what my clients are saying that there is still a lingering effect.

That’s why I’ve put this small package together, to help my clients re-balance and clear any left-over negative energy. If you want to open up to new possibilities again we need to get rid of the old baggage.

Included in this package:
♥ Four distance energy healing sessions (Reiki, Angelic healing or a combination of both)
♥ We will connect by phone/zoom first so you can have your Angel cards read before the healing. This will give you guidance on what you need to pay attention to right now. 
♥ You will receive three essential oil roller bottles in the post. These are from a specific oil protocol called Eliminate Overwhelm.

The Eliminate Overwhelm protocol only needs to be done once. It can take anything from 1-6 weeks to feel you are done with it. I will send full instructions on how to follow it, along with the roller bottles.

Rebalance and eliminate overwhelm

The full price of this Rebalance & Eliminate Overwhelm Healing Package is €288

However, I’m offering it at a special discounted price of just €247 

Click here to book your Rebalance & Eliminate Overwhelm package with Edel.

I know people are still hurting, and it takes courage and strength to pick yourself up and start again.
I hope this package will be a firm foundation for you to build on.

The crazy energy since March has settled a bit for now, but do you still have a hang-over effect from that energy?

*The only requirement is that all four healing sessions must be used before December 20th 2020.