This post is about you saving money and reducing landfill at the same time.

The environment is high on everyone’s list right now. But so is saving money. This way you can help reduce landfill and save money too.

But rather than go into the hype I want to suggest one small change.

When you buy Oxy-Powder simply buy two or more pots at a time.

If you buy two pots instead of one, you will cut the amount of packaging used in postage by half.

The Black Friday Sale is running right now. Take advantage of it.

I have a handful of clients who use Oxy-Powder right through the year but only order in November, during Black Friday.

You can help the environment and save money…

  • You will save money with discounts on larger orders.
  • If your friends or family use Oxy-Powder why not buy as a group.
  • You can call to me here in Longford to collect your order.

Less packaging means less landfill. We can save money and reduce landfill at the same time.

I’ve made a few changes here too

  • You may have noticed I’ve stopped putting my business card in with every order. You already have my details, and if you want to recommend Oxy-Powder you can easily direct people to my website.
  • I’ve reduced my visits to the post office to once daily, using less diesel.
  • Keeping everything online I can be close to paper free.
  • I’ve stopped using paper vouchers and flyers/postcards for advertising,
  • I’ve changed my label printer to laser printing so I don’t use ink cartridges anymore.

When my Oxy-Powder supplier wanted us to use glass pots instead of plastic it sounded like a good idea. But then I realised we needed to use more packaging to ensure pots weren’t at risk of breaking during delivery and the extra weight of the glass meant extra postage costs.

So for now I will stay with plastic pots. Even if it’s counter-intuitive.
But in the meantime we can all make small changes.

Take advantage of the Black Friday sale.
Buy in bulk, reduce your annual cost of using Oxy-Powder AND reduce the landfill caused by packaging.

I’ll get off my soapbox now : )
Chat soon,
‘You Go First Everyday’