If you suffer with digestive problems you might find this useful.

I hope you are staying safe within this pandemic. It’s affecting everything we do including us seaching google for solutions to digestive problems!

Have you noticed it affecting how and what you eat?

I know what I eat has changed because all the family are here everyday and I now cook meals that we can all eat.

Before this I would have done my own thing during the day. My son had the what he preferred after school.

And because my husband spends a lot of time on the road with his work, he would normally eat out.

I’m guessing this is similar for many families.

It’s hard to know exactly why we experience digestive problems and constipation.

‘Normal’ should be going to the loo every day.  I would consider constipation not going to the loo for three or more days.

There are lots of things that can affect our bowel habits and our bodies can respond differently at times too. 

I thought it might be useful for you if I tell you about some of what I use to manage and improve my digestion.

  •  Obviously Oxy-Powder Adjust the number of capsules you take to make sure you move every day.
  • Zengest oil blend is a game changer. I put a couple of drops into cooled boiled water, it can be taken in cold too but I prefer warm. This almost immediately releases trapped wind and eases bloating.  You can take it before or after a meal, if it’s heavy or you know you will have trouble digesting it. You can also put a few drops of ZenGest oil in a roller bottle with coconut oils
  • Tamer digestive blend is part of the doTERRA kids collection but I use it as well as my son. It’s a simple roller bottle with the essential oils diluted in coconut oil.  You just rub it directly onto your tummy for relief.
  • Peppermint Oil added to cooled boiled water and drink as a herbal tea. Good to ease digestive problems but also a mental pick me up. Will help you stay focused.
  • Lavender Oil diffuse in the evening to bing in a calm, more balanced mood. Especially if you’re feeling stressed. I also add it to water in a glass spray bottle and spritz the room, bed linen and in the hot press.
  • A probiotic or digestive enzymes are known to improve gut health and ease digestive probelms and bloating. There are plenty to choose from, I don’t have a preferred brand. These are also available at The Finchley Clinic.

Just a few things that might make you feel more comfortable. Feeling sluggish is a real pain and no one wants to be there.

The oils I mentioned are all doTERRA Essentials. They are the only brand available that is safe to take internally or directly onto your skin. If you have other brands it would be safe to diffuse the oils but not to take them internally.

I can make up smaller samples for people or you can just open a wholesale account and buy directly. Get in touch with me to learn more.

For the moment you can purchase Oxy-Powder capsules, probiotic and digestive enzymes from The Finchley Clinic. Click here to go to The Finchley Clinic

I hope this helps,
Chat soon,

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