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 “You don’t have a soul. You are a soul. You have a body.” 

~ C.S. Lewis

Soul Realignment

Your Soul Realignment reading assists you to understand and align with your own Divine nature in order to create a human experience of abundance and fulfillment.

Think about the akashic records as an virtual database that stores all information about your soul. The information in the records will explain how you shaped your experiences through choices over many lifetimes.

Soul Realignment is empowering as it will explain why you are experiencing many of your current issues.

I can also energetically clear your Akashic Records of negative influences created by your choices in this and past lifetimes.

These Soul Realignment readings give you a unique opportunity to start making new choices and to significantly shift how you experience your life.

Included in your transformational Soul Realignment session

  • You will learn who you are at a soul level. This will help you to recognise yourself and to make more aligned choices.
  • You will understand how to recognise what is truly you and let go of the rest.
  • I will find any blocks or restrictions that need to be cleared, and clear them for you.
  • You will receive a bespoke statement which I will ask you to repeat for 21 days to consolidate the clearing.
  • You will receive a link to a recording of your session which you can download and keep to replay when you wish.

This is a transformational reading is shared over zoom. Why struggle when everything you need is in your akashic records?

Price €345

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Manifesting Blueprint

This reading will help you understand your own unique Divine design for manifesting. So you can consciously create more of what you want.

We create every day. Every choice we make creates a result or a consequence. The thing we need to master is how we consciously create.

The thing is your soul wants to experience itself here on earth. There is no right or wrong experience, because it’s all an experience. Don’t get hung up on your soul’s purpose or path. If you’re alive your soul is experiencing itself. Experiencing it through lack and abundance. You are not being judged on it. But I’m sure we all agree it’s a whole lot nicer to experience ourselves through abundance, or at the very least through a more acceptable level of lack.

The Manifesting Blueprint is your roadmap to how you are specifically designed to experience your Divinity while here on Earth. This roadmap is made up of seven different moving parts. Where you align within these core aspects will show you how your soul prefers to manifest or create in your life.

Included in your Manifesting Blueprint reading

  • Your Manifesting Blueprint explained over a one hour zoom call.
  • I can hone in specifically on health, money and/or relationships to locate problem areas for you.
  • I will give you practical examples of how each of the aspects show up for you. AND what new actions you need to take to change how you make choices and experience your life.

Price €195

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Money Reset

Do you feel you have no control over your money? That you find yourself in a cycle of feast or famine. Sometimes you feel you are doing okay with money and then someone or some issue comes along and the whole thing falls apart again!

We all have patterns of behaviour, beliefs about money. Most of them learned from family, schools or the people in your community.  I’m here to tell you that those beliefs, that are not even your own, are holding you back.

Money is an exchange of energy. It’s quite simply something we exchange for something we want. 

How this reset works is by resetting your beliefs and choices around lack and abundance. I focus on up-leveling your experience of lack.

I’ll share the method I use to manage money and build in stretch that allows me to earn more or have more.

No matter how much we have. How abundant we are, we will always want more. Maybe not money but something money can buy for us. Most people experience life in a constant position of lack. 

I can teach you to master your relationship with money. So you can take control of your money situation.

Included in your Money Reset session. 

  • You will gain full control and understanding of your money.
  • You will understand your mindset behind your spending choices and what you need to shift to create abundance.
  • I will give you a method of making your money work for you. Something that you can repeat every six months or so to keep you on track.
  • While you are here on earth why not make it the best most abundant life possible.

Price €95

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