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Successfully treating constipation & bloating with Oxy-Powder Colon Cleanse capsules.

15 years ago I started helping people who suffered with constipation. Not because I’m fascinated with constipation but because I’m fascinated with people.  Not everyone who works with me wants to tackle their blocks at a soul level so we need to tackle them wherever they show up.

When an individual can’t even ‘let go’ of their own digestive waste, how can they let go on any level? Emotionally or mentally?

When I was treating my clients all sorts of issues were coming up for them, relationships, family, their work, money worries or their health in general.  They were holding on so tightly to their worries that their body was losing it’s ability to function naturally.

Helping a person to go to the loo may sound less than glamorous to some. But the way I see it, is that sometimes helping a person at a very basic level is exactly what they need me to do.  It can take courage to ‘let go’ and move forward in life, from time to time we may need help to do that. 

💡 Normal transit time, that’s from table to toilet, is 18 to 24 hours. The average in the UK & Ireland is 60-70 hours.

💡 Not treating your constipation means putting up with symptoms like stomach ache, bloating, loss of appetite and even nausea.

💡 ‘It is estimated that 2,775 people in Ireland are diagnosed with bowel cancer each year. It is also the           second most common cause of cancer death in Ireland.’   Irish Cancer Society

I know you feel you’ve tried everything.

I understand you’re doing your best and just feel fed up with having to deal with constipation every day.

💊 The Wellbeing Clinic has served over 4,175 clients.

💡 With over 1,600 clients having placed their orders online.

😎  Helping clients with constipation since 2005.

Praise in support of Oxy-Powder colon cleanse capsules

Oxy-Powder, really is a great product – it works every time – I feel a lot better inside since I started using it and I’d recommend it

Sarah in Cork

Oxy-Powder is great stuff. Makes you feel 10lbs lighter! Thank you

Bridie in Longford

Oxy-Powder works every time.  It’s the only colon cleanser I take that wont cause cramping, gas and rushing to the toilet! Thank you! 

Melissa in Cavan

I know I need Oxy-Powder with the travel I do with work. And most people I know also travel quite a bit around Europe with work, and Oxy-Powder are especially well received when you have to go to late dinners with customers or suppliers and be ready for a meeting at 8am the next morning.  You don’t have time to ‘go’ and then before you know it four days have passed and there’s an ‘issue’.

Using Oxy-Powder I go to the toilet every day without having to even think about it.  What a relief!”

Orla in Dublin

I totally believe in how Oxy-Powder works and the ease of taking them.  Most people I know take laxatives when they feel bloated or feel like they need a ‘clear-out’ especially this time of year when over indulgence is part of the ‘silly season’. These (Oxy-Powder) don’t have the cramps or urgency or sweating that’s synonymous with laxatives so when I say that and talk about the things people as less comfortable mentioning then they are really interested! 

Sinead in Dublin

Oxy-Powder is just brilliant. It totally got rid of the bloated feeling.

Patricia from Waterford

Oxy-Powder is great. I feel so much better after my 7 day cleanse. Thank you!

Marie from Cork

Don’t struggle with constipation! Follow the world’s best Poop Every Day Plan 🙂

Step 3.

Poop every morning and feel comfortable in your body 💩😇💖

Check out my 7 Day Colon Cleanse – an interactive guide.

This guide has everything you need to know to get the maximum from your Oxy-Powder colon cleanse.

Plus you can ask Edel questions directly through the comments.