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Your most frequently asked questions answered

Where can I purchase Oxy-Powder Colon Cleanse Capsules?

You can purchase Oxy-Powder colon cleanse capsules at www.thewellbeingclinic.ie/products/oxy-powder-colon-cleanse-capsules

Do I need to take supplements during or following the cleanse?

It’s not essential to take supplements but it would be great support for your body and a good opportunity to give yourself a health boost. Check out the doTERRA Essential supplements available in the shop.

How often should I do the 7 Day Oxy-Powder Cleanse?

If you have a healthy diet then it’s recommended to do the 7 Day Cleanse every six months. If your diet is not so healthy then you should do a 7 day cleanse every three months. A handy tip is to fall in with the cycles of the seasons. 

Will I have loose stools during this cleanse?

Yes. It’s a colon cleanse, you will have loose stools.

Will I be able to work when I do this 7 Day Cleanse?

If you follow the instructions then yes you should be able to work. But please remember you will need to use the bathroom approximately 3 times during the day. If it’s your first time to use Oxy-Powder I would suggest you start them on your days off so you can become familiar with them first. Always start on the lowest dose of one or two capsules and build up by one capsule each day.

I don’t like to swallow capsules. Is there another way of taking Oxy-Powder?

You can open the capsules and tap the powder into water. Stir and drink.

Can I use Oxy-Powder if I’m pregnant or breast feeding?

As with all medication or supplements when pregnant or breast feeding, please consult your GP first before taking Oxy-Powder. Perhaps in the last trimester at a lower dose, but as I say consult your GP first.

Can I give oxy-Powder capsules to my child?

No please do not give your child Oxy-Powder capsules. It’s an adult dose for grown adults. Giving children supplements made for adults brings with it the risk of overdosing. Plus the capsules could be a choking hazard for small children. Considering they are strong enough to make an adult have loose stools they will be very strong indeed for a small child. Please consult your GP first. 

How is Oxy-Powder different from herbal laxatives and laxatives that contain magnesium?

Herbal laxatives are formulated with cleansing herbs that trigger gut muscles to empty the bowel. This can cause cramping and nausea. Laxatives that contain milk of magnesia, pulls fluid into the intestines to produce a flushing action. This can cause dehydration. Oxy-Powder is different because it gently softens your impacted stool so it can be moved through your colon without any cramping or discomfort.

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