About Edel & The Wellbeing Clinic

Hi, my name is Edel O’Hanlon. In 2005 after 14 years as a Registered General Nurse I opened The Wellbeing Clinic in Longford, Ireland.

Colon Hydrotherapy, Reflexology, Reiki, Angelic Core Healing and Soul Realignment were my specialist therapies then. And although the clinic premises has closed, the online shop and range and depth of services continue to thrive.

The Oxy-Powder Colon Cleanse capsules are The Wellbeing Clinic’s superhero since 2006. My customers love Oxy-Powder and they recommend them to their friends and family. 

Edel O'Hanlon Founder and Practitioner at The Wellbeing Clinic, Longford, Ireland

What I love about Oxy-Powder capsules is that they work. They are reliable and they don’t cause the awful side effects of most laxatives, like cramping, sweating, nausea, rushing to the loo or a lazy bowel.

I find I can get best results for people who have problems with constipation, bloating and lack of energy. They are just a straight forward way of detoxing your colon, that allows you to go about your day.

And that was where my journey with Wellbeing begun, with Oxy-Powder capsules and colon cleansing!

But you can see just how much it's grown and developed, focusing on women, giving support, information and products that are specific to their needs.

You should also know that I test out all the products in the shop. I like to know exactly what they do, how it feels to take them and what a customer needs to hear about each one. 

The fact that I use three different brands should also reassure you that it's the outcome that I focus on. That is what allows me to mix and match without comprise to find the best products and services for my customers.

I look forward to working with you! Edel


The Wellbeing Clinic