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The Wellbeing Clinic Ireland, successfully treating constipation, bloating & gas with Oxy-Powder Colon Cleanse capsules.

💡 Normal transit time, that’s from table to toilet, is 18 to 24 hours. The average in the UK & Ireland is 60-70 hours.

💡 Not treating your constipation means putting up with symptoms like stomach ache, bloating, loss of appetite and even nausea.

💡 ‘It is estimated that 2,775 people in Ireland are diagnosed with bowel cancer each year. It is also the           second most common cause of cancer death in Ireland.’   Irish Cancer Society

I know you feel you’ve tried everything.

I understand you’re doing your best and just feel fed up with having to deal with constipation every day.

💊 The Wellbeing Clinic has served over 3,500 clients.

💡 With nearly 1,000 clients having placed their orders online.

😎  Helping clients with constipation since 2005.

World’s Best Poop Every Day Plan

Step 3.

Poop every morning and feel comfortable in your body 💩😇💖


What is your poop

trying to tell you?

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