Ignite Your Business Success - The Webinar

Go from Stagnation and Overwhelm to Soul Aligned and Flourishing in Your Business.

Tuesday 6th June 8pm

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You don't want to get this wrong!

None of the so called 'spiritual coaches' are teaching this.

There is such a movement now towards being spiritually aligned that some businesses forget to use practical, tried and tested business strategy, models and methods that will keep you in business and profitable.

Why me?

Because I know how to embed Soul Realignment into sound business strategy. I've done it many times in my own and for other business owners.

I'm in business 18 years, among other things, I'm a Soul Realignment Practitioner, Life & Executive Business Coach and Mentor.

I also own thewellbeingclinic.ie selling wellbeing products for everyday life. So, I know I can mentor you on how to get results fast.

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