Soul Realignment®

Do you want to know the simple truth? There are two possible reasons why you're not creating the results you want.

1. You're simply not aligned to how your soul wants you to experience life.


2. You are aligned, but you have some blocks and restrictions preventing you from having the results you want.

Soul Realignment will show you the reason behind your disappointing results. Our work together will clear a path for you to start making more aligned choices, taking aligned actions and to start getting the results you want.

My name is Edel O'Hanlon, self-employed within the wellness industry since 2005. Before that I worked as a Registered General Nurse for 14 years. Using Soul Realignment has been a true gift in both my personal and business owner life.

Over the years more and more business owners are wanting to work with me. They are awakening. They can see the widening gap between how they used to live and run their business, and where they want to shift into a more aligned way of being. Making it a whole lot easier to get the quality of life and financial rewards you deserve.

I've been there myself and have come through to the other side largely due to Soul Realignment and by asking for support or coaching as I needed it.

You can work with me via Zoom for individual sessions, VIP days, 3 and 6-month programs supported with Voxer or WhatsApp support when required.

As an Advanced Soul Realignment Practitioner, I offer a range of services including Manifesting Blueprints, Soul Realignment readings both for individuals and for your business.

So, it's a perfect blend for you when you want to create the freedom and self-expression that having a successful business can offer you.

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Praise in support of Edel O'Hanlon's work.

"I instinctively knew I wanted to change but felt like I was walking through mud attempting anything. The work I completed with Edel was exactly what I needed. She guided me through each step I needed skillfully and in a way that empowered me to trust my inner knowing. I am well on my way to creating the work life I aspired to achieve. I’m totally in flow and loving it. I highly recommend investing in yourself and working with Edel. It will return to you tenfold." Sinead Flanagan owner of Relax Kids


"As a client she was a delight to work with, and as a customer she's very knowledgeable and got me started in my holistic practice. Her passion for helping people is clear and her commitment to her customers a joy to receive." Karen Brown owner of Grey Mouse Publishing

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 This transformational process is for you if 

  • You're putting in a lot of effort but little seems to change.
  • You feel you have very little control over what happens in your life.
  • The same issues with your money, career and relationships keep cropping up over and over again.  

The key to change can lie much deeper than you realise. I know that forces beyond your control, outside of your consciousness, are influencing your life. 

I have the ability to read your Akashic record, clear what no longer serves you and then to guide you how to use what I've learned in a real life way practical way to empower you to start making choices that serve your greater abundance and momentum in whatever you focus on.

Why you should have Soul Realignment ® & Akashic Records read.

  • The information I share with you will be life changing.

  • You will see yourself clearly and understand who you are. And sometimes more importantly who you are not.

  • You will know what changes you need to make to be in perfect alignment with your soul gifts and purpose.

  • This guidance will be a road map for you to use in any future situation.

  • I will hold a space for you as you work through this process and ongoing support is available should you want it.

  • A clearance of all energies that no longer serve you or your home gives you a clean slate to start fresh.

 If you don't work on yourself now  

  • You will continue to feel stuck and nothing will change.
  • When misaligned with money, career, relationships or health, the same problems keep cropping up over and over again.
  • Issues with anxiety and low self-worth can arise when there is confusion around who you really are at a soul level.

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