Are You Aware of What You Put Into Your Body?

Even with the best will in the world there may be some indulgence or over eating.  Especially over the upcoming holidays.

So, what plan have you got?

This may be of help to you…

  1. Be conscious of how often you eat. Do you graze or go for long stretches without eating?
  2. Make sure you have a pot of Oxy-Powder capsules on standby for over the Christmas period.
  3. Consider doing the Overnight Cleanse or the 7 Day Cleanse During November.

Person using a magnifying glass to inspect a plate of mixed foods, highlighting details like additives and natural ingredients, in a modern dining space surrounded by fresh produce.

In times of overwhelm, or simply being crazy busy, we can go on to automatic pilot with our eating habits.

We can lose all awareness of our gut until it begins to give us all sorts of symptoms to get our attention.

Just being aware of what you’re putting into your body will keep you conscious of your digestion so you can step in before it starts to get sluggish.

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