Are you aware of how you impact other peoples mental wellbeing?

As it's mental health awareness month it seems appropriate to raise these issues, bring them to the light and let's discuss them as adults.

I have and I’m sure you too have experienced lots of people creating very scattered energy, it can be thoughtless and destructive.

Encouragement for deep breathing, reflective journaling, guided meditation, gratitude exercises and spending time in nature are often recommended for mental wellbeing. And yes, all of them are really positive…. but I do feel we're neglecting to point out the obvious.

Illustration of a central figure sending ripples to surrounding individuals in an open plaza, representing the varying impacts on their mental wellbeing, with a soft pastel color palette.

One thing we are absolutely in control of is how we relate to other people and our awareness of how we impact them.

Over the last few months, I've become more aware of people's behavior especially with regard to communication and commitments. I have to say I’m beginning to find it very wearing.

Isn’t it so much easier to be aware of how we relate to others in the moment? It reduces stress on all parties. Plus, it’s zero negative karma as a result.

These are examples of some of my personal experiences

  • An individual signs up for my emails but then on receiving emails they report me for spam. Why bother to sign up? 
  • Individuals setting up subscriptions for products or services but then canceling the PayPal agreement instead of speaking to me or just letting me know by email. Not telling me about it is similar to allowing your cheques to bounce. 
  • Individuals taking the time to book a discovery or clarity call which is at no charge, taking the time to write up all the answers and submit. But then when it comes to the scheduled call time, after I've prepared for the 30 minutes, they don’t pick up. They don’t cancel or email to say they won’t make it. 
  • Individuals requesting that I put a product aside for them, but not paying for it. Then a couple of weeks later when I follow up there's no reply or I’m told 'no I don't need that you shouldn’t have kept that for me’.
  • Individuals asking questions by email which I take a time and effort to reply to but then I get no response at all. Even if I’ve asked for further details or encouraged them to give feedback. It’s not nice to be ignored after taking the time to help. 
  • Individual customers have gotten angry with me when I charge postage. An Post is not free, I have always gone out of my way to keep customer costs down. At a greater cost to myself. An Post services have never been free, and they have never refunded me for any ‘lost’ products.
  • Individuals phoning with ‘one question’ and staying on the phone for at least 30 minutes, which is in fact a consultation call. I had one lady do this a couple of weeks ago but then got angry with me when she didn’t get a discount on the product she wanted. 

What you could do instead? Create zero stress and karma.

  • If you don't like the content please unsubscribe.
  • If you don’t want the commitment of a subscription don’t create one.
  • Don’t book a call with me if you’re not going to pick up. 
  • Don’t ask me to help you out with support or information if you’re not going to have the courtesy to respond to me or purchase a product.
  • When you go to shops on the high street, salons or supermarkets do you get angry and shout when you don’t get a discount? Well please don’t shout at me.

Being aware of how you communicate with others is easily done and can have a huge impact on how you affect others. 

It’s good for our own mental wellbeing as well as the individuals we are interacting with. It only takes a moment.

Please be conscious of your behavior and how it affects other people's mental wellbeing.