A Shamanic Practitioner's approach to wellbeing.

Tara Beirne is a Shamanic Practitioner, and I had the pleasure of this conversation with her as she shared her approach to wellbeing.

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We covered quite a bit in just one hour!! These timestamps will help you find what you need. Just skip to the time on the video you want to listen to.

02:30 Eating 'real food'

04:30 Tara describes consciously coming home to ourselves ❤️

07:15 The life force of fresh food

09:00 Clean water

11:15 Exercise v's Movement

12:30 Grounding

15:25 Headspace

17:20 Day Night Cycle

21:00 Wintering

24:50 Lifestyle

32:40 Soul Retrieval

36:20 Law of Attraction

37:20 Everything is Energy

39:10 Quantum Science

41:35 Our subconscious takes everything literally

43:05 Frequency Music

43:25 Essential Oils

45:00 Feeling & Clearing Energy

49:15 Sleep Routine

52:25 Overview of conversation

54:30 Wellbeing Supplements

I hope you enjoy this recording. ❤️

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