A technique to tune into what your body needs

Use this technique to tune into what supplements your body needs, and let me share a few thoughts on how to align with your body holistically.

Sometimes we can take supplements on automatic pilot without being consciously aware of why we're taking them or what benefit we're getting from them.

We can get disconnected from our bodies over time. Not really thinking about what and how we eat or support our bodies. 

So use this technique to tune into your body and become conscious of what your body needs.

1. Breathe - in for the count of 4, hold for the count of 4 and exhale for the count of 8. Do this three times.

2. Check in with your body and see what parts of your body shows up for attention...you gut, knees, back, head, neck .....

3. What does your body actually want you to do for it?

So, tune in, listen and then give your body what it's asking for!

You can use this technique each morning to tune into your body. It will help you heal faster, change your diet easier, lose weight easier, sleep better...

It's a really simple holistic approach to wellbeing that works.

For connected wellbeing we need to align our physical bodies with our emotions, thoughts and spirit too.