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Are you Ready for Your Quantum Leap?

Whether you're navigating the challenges of growing your business or creating more flow in your lifestyle away from your business, this program offers tailored support for business owners.

What's really special is that I will personally read your Akashic Record to reveal your own unique manifestation recipe. Delivered in a recorded one-to-one session with me. 💕

This is not a one program suits all kind of program. Join me for your Quantum Leap. A transformative experience designed to meet women business owners where they are.

Together, let's make 2024 extraordinary — transforming dreams into reality and challenges into opportunities.

🌟 Empowering Women-Owned Businesses to Succeed through Aligned Action 🌟

Manifesting Blueprint Reading

When you join Quantum Leap, I personally read your Akashic Record for you. You already sense there is something just beyond your reach.

Let me help you uncover and access your unique reservoir of gifts and knowledge. It's time to understand and harness these insights, allowing them to propel you towards the success you're ready to achieve.

Edel O'Hanlon Method

As your guide at the crossroads of the practical and the spiritual, I blend the proven methods of Life & Executive Coaching with the deeper holistic wisdom of the Akashic records.

You can be confident that my toolkit is a curated blend of techniques, each a key to unlock your unique potential.

With nearly two decades of experience, you can trust that I will choose the right tools to support you as you navigate your journey.

The Law of Polarity

Stretching Financial Boundaries with the Law of Polarity, we'll explore and calculate the 'energetic stretch' you can achieve within your financial income targets over the next 12 months. This process is designed to move you out of your financial comfort zone, encouraging growth and expansion.

We'll focus on recognizing actions that foster abundance and enhance business performance, including the implementation of effective automations and the strategic reduction of unnecessary costs. This approach is not just about increasing income; it's about optimizing your business's financial health and potential.

Goldilocks Sweetspot

Just like Goldilocks you will find your sweetspot. Everyone has their own unique manifestation recipe.

You choose your intention, then with the insight you gained from your Manifesting Blueprint reading you will select the mindset, tools and techniques that will create the perfect plan for you for the coming months. Progress within your Manifesting Blueprint is measurable so this is 100% accurate.....So not too hot, not too cold but just right!

The Multiplier Effect

Aristotle's wisdom, 'The whole is greater than the sum of its parts,' perfectly encapsulates the essence of our group's dynamic. In Quantum Leap, the collective energy, shared experiences, and mutual support not only amplify the benefits for each individual member but also create opportunities for collaboration and leverage between businesses.

It's a space where the success of one contributes to the upliftment of all, akin to a rising tide that raises all boats. This multiplier effect doesn't just enhance the individual experience; it fosters a community of growth, collaboration, and collective success.

Understanding Your Money Relationship

Here we delve into the shadow side of your relationship with money. It's crucial for business owners to distinguish between feelings of lack and disempowerment, and their polar opposities abundance and escapism.

This understanding allows you to make more empowered financial decisions, aligning your business practices with a healthy and productive money mindset. We'll explore these dynamics to help you build a more balanced and positive relationship with your business finances.

🌈How It Works

Manifesting Blueprint Reading

When you join, I will personally read your akashic record to reveal your very own unique manifestation recipe. This is a comprehensive exploration of your potential.

Along with uncovering your soul's preferred way of taking action and manifestation, we will also calculate the energetic stretch available to you in relation to your financial targets for the next 12 months.

This insight is crucial for setting realistic yet challenging goals that align with your true capabilities. Delivered in a recorded one-to-one session with me, this reading sets the foundation for your transformative journey in Quantum Leap.

Monthly Live Group Coaching

Our live monthly sessions are focused and interactive, with a dynamic mix of manifestation training & hot-seat coaching.

Each session is tailored to the group's needs, covering key themes like goal setting, overcoming action gaps, enhancing self-image, and cultivating a positive money mindset. These interactive sessions are designed for real-time learning and transformation.

Manifestation Training: Personalized & Action-Oriented

You dive deep into the Edel O'Hanlon Method of Manifestation. These sessions are not just about learning; but about applying what you learn in real-time. We'll integrate the unique insights from your individual Manifesting Blueprint readings, ensuring that the training is tailored to your specific action-taking needs.

This approach ensures that your learning translates into daily practice, enhancing your understanding and effectiveness in manifesting your goals.

Accountability: Your Catalyst for Consistent Progress

Accountability isn't just about check-ins; it's a powerful tool to keep you aligned with your intentions and to celebrate every milestone you achieve. Regular accountability sessions provide you with the support and motivation to stay committed to your goals.

During these sessions, we'll review your progress, address any challenges, and strategize for continued success. It's a space where your achievements are recognized and your journey is celebrated, ensuring that you remain focused and inspired on your path to transformation..

Members Only Facebook Group

Our exclusive Facebook Group, a vibrant community for support and interaction. Here, you'll connect with like-minded peers, share experiences, and learn from each other. It's an ideal place for forming networks, friendships, and exploring potential collaborations.

This dynamic group is where collective wisdom fuels personal and professional growth for every member.

Success Stories:

In Quantum Leap, we believe in the power of sharing success. We want to celebrate your wins and personal growth stories, as well as learning from the success of others in the community.

The energy of success is indeed contagious – it not only inspires and motivates fellow members but also amplifies your own momentum. By sharing your journey, you contribute to a culture of encouragement and achievement, making our community a source of collective inspiration and support. 💕

Edel O'Hanlon Your Holistic Wellbeing Guide
🌟 Meet Your Guide: Edel O'Hanlon 🌟

Hello, beautiful souls! I'm Edel O'Hanlon, and I'm delighted to guide you on this transformative journey. With my extensive experience as an Advanced Soul Realignment Practitioner, Angelic Core Healer, and Life & Executive Coach, I bring a unique blend of practical and spiritual wisdom to our journey together.

Holistic Approach: My method synergizes conventional coaching with spiritual practices, including energy healing and accessing the Akashic records. This blend ensures a well-rounded approach to personal and professional growth.

Personalized Guidance: Understanding that each journey is unique, I offer tailored coaching to meet your specific needs, especially focusing on aligning your business goals with your spiritual path.

Community Builder: At the heart of Quantum Leap is our supportive community. Here, you're encouraged to share, learn, and grow alongside fellow members, fostering an environment of collective wisdom and empowerment.

Join me in this journey where business success meets spiritual alignment, and let's unlock your full potential together.

Client Praise for Edel O'Hanlon


A Journey of Spiritual Clarity 'Working with Edel opened doors I didn’t even know existed. I was seeking direction, clarity, and a renewed sense of purpose. The conventional coaching methodologies were a strong start, but it was the deep dive into Soul Realignment® that truly illuminated my path. The insights from the Akashic Records were a revelation, and Edel’s guidance in interpreting and applying them was invaluable. If you're on the fence, don't be – the clarity and direction I've gained have been transformative.'

Aoife O'Sullivan

Working with Edel was a game-changer for me. 'I was struggling with a horrendous work-life balance. Edel offered me really practical solutions and the tools needed to establish balance. Then when Soul Realignment was included what can I say, that is the secret sauce, that's when the magic happened! ... If you're thinking about working with Edel don't hesitate, take the first step and just see where it takes you.'

Entrepreneur also working in corporate.

From Stagnation to Elevation 'My journey before Edel felt like I was running on a treadmill – lots of effort, but no forward momentum. Edel’s approach, combining grounded strategies with spiritual insights, gave me the tools and understanding I needed to step off that treadmill and soar. The combination of practical coaching with Soul Realignment® was transformative. I now move through life with confidence, purpose, and a profound sense of alignment.'

Sinead Murphy

Don't let this opportunity slip by you. The multiplier effect from doing something like this in a group is huge, I've experienced it first hand!!!!


Alignment and Abundance 'I’ve always been a seeker, looking for ways to align my actions with my soul’s purpose. Edel’s unique approach was the key I’d been searching for. Through our sessions, I gained a deeper understanding of my soul's desires, coupled with actionable strategies to manifest abundance in all areas of my life. The knowledge and tools she shared were priceless. To anyone considering this journey, Edel’s expertise is the guiding light you need.'

Siobhan Gallagher

After years of minor traumas in my life, I had tied myself into a tight ball. I felt like I was living on automatic pilot. I was coping with everyday tasks but had totally forgotten who 'I' was at the core of me. Working with Edel, I slowly started to unravel the ball of thick rope that I had become and stated to discover the real me.
With the Blueprint, it suddenly made sense why I had certain views on aspects of life and I now understood why I did things in certain ways.

I am truly grateful to Edel and the others ladies on this course for allowing me the secure space to unravel and become me again.

Colette Lanney

Edel thank you I'm blown away. I feel I've got my money's worth for the whole course on the first night. Your blend of wisdom/practicality is just perfect for moving things on. I love the small specific steps; it feels very doable and it feels right. At the same time, it feels relaxed, it's just enough. I feel more positive already. I'm looking forward to jotting down some of tonight's tips and ideas and to hearing my manifesting blueprint. I absolutely recommend this to anyone who wants to stop dreaming and start manifesting their goals into reality. Feeling excited!


Answers to your Frequently Asked Questions

Rule of thumb: Monthly live group session on Monday or a Thursday 8pm, on Zoom, during the first or third week of the month. As we move through each month you will receive reminders and prompts inside the Quantum Leap Facebook group. I do my best to work around Bank Holidays, Religious holidays and School breaks.

If you do happen to miss a session don't worry, all live sessions will be recorded and available inside the Quantum Leap Facebook group for the duration of the program.

Remember to tap into the Quantum Leap Facebook group community for support. Ask questions and leave comments, as the more you put into the group, the move you will receive in return. If you would prefer to work with me one-to-one then email me directly so we can arrange a call to discuss your specific needs.

My refund policy is no refund. Due to the nature of this group program, you will have access to all the information and videos immediately as soon as you join the group. If you have any queries about the program content, please do contact me before you make your purchase.

The training lesson videos are short and succinct. They will have the information you need with practical tools and examples. They are held in the Facebook group so you can replay whenever you feel you need to.

After you complete your six months of Quantum Leap you have a choice. Up-Level to the Edel O'Hanlon INNER CIRCLE, or become a member of Essential Soul Healing which is a gentler healing space. If you feel ready for the INNER CIRCLE before you complete Quantum Leap it is possible to combine both. This is particularly useful for entrepreneurs and self-employed, or people who work to sales targets. You're welcome to contact me to learn more about these.

There may be a straight forward solution to your lack of success. Hopefully there is, as in that case Quantum Leap will be perfect for you. However, you may feel that working with me one-to-one might be the best way forward for you. If this question applies to you then it makes sense to speak with me first. contact me here

Yes, absolutely. I'm a mum too so can understand your concerns. You can work at your own pace and there is plenty of support available if you need it.

In Quantum Leap, we take a highly personalized approach to your manifestation training. By integrating the insights from your individual Manifesting Blueprint reading, each session is tailored to align with your specific action-taking needs and goals. This means that the strategies and techniques you learn are directly relevant to your personal journey. Our focus is on applying these insights in real-time, ensuring that what you learn isn't just theoretical knowledge, but a practical toolkit that enhances your daily practice and effectiveness in manifesting your goals. This personalized approach ensures a deeper understanding and a more impactful manifestation experience.

The Manifestation Blueprint Reading is a pivotal part of your Quantum Leap experience. When you join, I personally read your Akashic Record, which is more than just uncovering your unique manifestation recipe. This comprehensive session includes an analysis of your personal reservoir of gifts and knowledge, and crucially, we calculate the energetic stretch available to you in relation to your financial targets for the next 12 months. This process helps in setting realistic yet ambitious financial goals that are in harmony with your true potential. Delivered in a recorded one-to-one session, this reading lays the groundwork for your transformative journey, aligning your aspirations with actionable and achievable targets.

🌟 Do not underestimate the quantum leaps that you are capable of. Don't put any limits on yourself .... just take the leap, and I'll see you on the inside 🌕💫

Thank you for visiting! I'm really looking forward to working with you.