Positive Mindset For Life

Transition Year Students

Positive Mindset for Transition Year Students

This workshop is an opportunity to help students learn how to approach challenges with optimism and resilience, while maintaining a belief in their own abilities.

It helps bridge the gap between where they are following Junior Cert to a position where they feel ready for the transition to taking greater responsibility for their own learning and decision making.

3 key skills students will have as a result of this workshop

Being proactive

How to take responsibility for their life and actions. Focusing on what they can control and influence, rather than reacting to external circumstances.

Begin with the end in mind

How to get clear on long-term goals and values. How to visualise what they want to achieve, and develop a clear sense of direction to guide their actions. This is a skill for life

Creative problem-solving skills

Understand how to prioritize tasks based on importance and urgency. Focusing on activities that align with their goals and values, and learn to manage their time effectively.

Workshop Approach

Pupils will participate in learning strategies which are active and experiential and that help them to develop a range of transferable critical thinking. The Transition Year isn't just about academic progress; it's about preparing students for the ever-evolving realms of work, relationships, and personal growth. We ensure students not only learn but also internalize the significance of education and its role in shaping their future.

Beginner Package

Duration: Two and a half hours (includes a 15-min break).

Features: Comprehensive workbook to guide through the transformative process.

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Set of three sessions

Duration: Three 45-minute sessions.

Dive deeper, ensuring reinforced learning and internalization of skills.

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Unlock the potential of your students. Equip them with skills, not just for academic success, but for a life filled with purpose, clarity, and resilience.

Key Points

Workshop content is mapped to the National Wellbeing Goals 2022-2027

Mapped to School Self Evaluation assessment process.

Options available for private small groups or individual sessions

Max of 30 students per class