Welcome to Fridge & Freezer Reset

Having a healthy food lifestyle is more about integrating and up-leveling what already exists for you. A reset is not about a complete whitewash.

You are not getting rid of everything. There are pieces of your food lifestyle that work for you. However, there may be some pieces that may be outdated and no longer serve you.

So, using this mini-course you will choose which pieces you want to keep and perhaps unlevel a little. And then bring in a few new ideas that will help the whole thing come together for you.

The Fridge & Freezer is a really important piece in your plan. All the fresh produce and pre-prepared meals come in here. It’s essential to get this right. Download the guide. 

Here’s some timestamps you can skip to for quick reference.

Good practice for fridge 00:56

Good practice for freezer 02:52

Things to remember 05:03