Welcome to Meal Planning & Shopping

In this lesson you can be as creative as you like. Once a week you are going to take structured action that will allow you to create your food lifestyle for the coming week.

Whether you choose to do it all yourself or have it delivered to your door you still need to make a list and decide what it is you need and when.

The guide for this lesson gives you a handy ready to use meal planner and shopping list to help you get started straight away! Download the guide.

Here’s some timestamps you can skip to for quick reference.

Draw up a weekly plan 00:20

Plan your meals 1:02

Shop online or instore 02:56

Prep for the week 05:57

“I’m just someone who likes cooking and for whom sharing food is a form of expression” ~ Maya Angelou

“I look forward to have my ‘Collagen Booster’ and ‘Golden Sun Milk’. It’s formed part of my daily routine now. My self-care time ♥”