Welcome to your Food Lifestyle Reset

It’s so easy to fall into poor habits, or to wake up one day and realise how far off track you’ve got! That’s how this course came about, it’s here to empower you to take control again. This lesson is a reminder about the importance of a balanced diet that is nourishing, satisfying and provides your body with everything it needs.

Things to remember

  • Mindset – it can make or break the very best of intentions.
  • Get Specific – visualise the food lifestyle you want, into as much detail as you like. This way you know what you’re working towards.
  • Do something each day to get yourself back on track.

As you start your journey download this guide. It’s packed full of helpful ideas for breakfast, lunch and evening meals. As you combine what you learn in the video lesson and the insight you gain from this guide, you will master your healthy eating reset in no time at all. Enjoy!


Here’s some timestamps you can skip to for quick reference.

Breakfast 2:26

Lunch & Dinner 3:48

Snacks 6:08

What to drink 6:46

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