Being Flexible Allows Flow

Being Flexible Allows Flow

Sometimes you got to be flexible to allow flow.

That’s the thought I woke up with this morning.

You could apply that to every area in life, but think about your body, your digestion for now.

If you’re using Oxy-Powder capsules or Anima Mundi chai’s you were probably lacking flow when you sought them out.

Here’s a suggestion that might make it easier for you. Work with what you have.

Rather than tackle it head on and try to change everything all at once.

Don’t fight with what’s happening, consider what’s working.

What does your body respond well to?

Do more of that.

For example, you might not always remember to take your Oxy-Powder at night.

That’s okay. Take one or two capsules 30 minutes before breakfast or lunch to keep things moving, then take your capsules again at bedtime.

Just because you forget to take them for a few days doesn’t mean you’ve undone any effort you’ve already made.

It all adds up over time.

May the flow be with you!

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