Bloating – What you need to know, and here’s the solution

Bloating happens when you eat a meal, especially with bread, where your waist line just seems to stretch out a few inches!

Bloating is so common. Some people suffer from it without even knowing what it is or that there is an easy solution for it. 

Some people will say it goes down again after a few hours but for most their stomach continues to swell throughout the day. They wake up with a flat tummy but by the time they eat lunch it starts to swell again.  There is a way to break this cycle.

Close-up of ginger slices, fennel seeds, and a glass of water on a table, set against a bright kitchen window, symbolizing natural remedies for bloating.

Reasons for bloating:

  • Eating very quickly can cause you to swallow air during a meal
  • Not chewing your food means it cannot be digested, so bite sized pieces of food will be struggling to pass through a digestive system made for fluids and pureed food.
  • Drinking water or other drinks through a meal means you dilute your digestive enzymes which are meant to digest your food.  So again, more undigested food is working through your gut.
  • Drinking fizzy drinks and sparkling water adds gas to your digestive system.
  • Antibiotics, pain killers and lots of other medication destroy your healthy gut bacteria further compromising the health of an already stressed digestive system.
  • Constipation or a sluggish bowel will slow down the flow of food through your gut giving it lots more time to produce gas and swelling.
  • Stress, anxiety and mental health issues will also affect how your gut functions. As will lack of sleep.

Okay that’s just a few things that cause bloating.  There are many others we could add to it that leads to bloating, cramps and that uncomfortable feeling we have in our gut most days.  But there are simple changes we can make to stop all this happening to us…

  • Try to slow down at meal times and chew your food.  If you haven’t got time to eat then don’t eat. Try soup or a smoothie or a protein shake.  This way at least your body is getting some nutrients that will keep you going until you have time to sit down and eat your meal consciously.
  • Chew your food. We just need to remind ourselves to chew! It takes practice but it’s an easy fix.
  • Only drink water 30 minutes before you eat or one hour after you eat.  That way your digestive juices will be able to work at their best and it will help to reduce the amount of bloating you suffer with.
  • Stop drinking fizzy drinks and sparkling water to reduce the amount of gas going into your stomach
  • Take a course of probiotics to boost your gut health.  
  • Reduce any sources of stress and anxiety that you can.  And make sure you get a minimum of 8 hours sleep when at all possible.

All of the above will help reduce bloating. But if bloating persists or you just want it to stop today, then purchase Oxy-Powder Colon Cleanse capsules. which will help you clean out your digestive system and reduce bloating. 

Take your capsules at night to ensure you empty your colon the next day. You will find your bloating starts to improve within a couple of days and will stop completely with a few small changes in the list above and a maintenance dose of Oxy-Powder capsules.

Oxy-Powder is a safe and natural colon cleanse that will safely relieve the symptoms of bloating, gas and constipation.  Click here to get your pot today. 

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