Can I Use Oxy-Powder Capsules if Pregnant or Breast Feeding?

Can I Use Oxy-Powder Capsules if Pregnant or Breast Feeding

I would NOT recommend using Oxy-Powder while pregnant or breast feeding.

However, after the first trimester, if you wish to use Oxy-Powder please consult with your G.P. first.

Some doctors feel comfortable recommending Oxy-Powder to their pregnant and breast feeding clients but in a reduced dosage they will help you determine.

Generally, the recommended dose is half of the normally suggested dose with half the frequency of usage.

In some cases, taking Oxy-Powder while breast feeding may have caused the baby’s stool to become loose, if this happens, the mother should reduce her dosage until the baby’s stool return to normal.

In truth if I were pregnant I would not use  Oxy-Powder during my pregnancy. However I would make sure I had a pot ready for when baby arrives.

The last thing a new mum needs is constipation and straining to go to the loo.

Remember if you choose breast feeding it might be a good idea to express enough milk for a couple of days so you can get on with clearing your colon.

Baby having loose nappies at such a young age would be at risk of dehydration. Best be safe and express for a few days.

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