Detox or Nourish? What feels right?

Detox or Nourish? What feels right?

Should we detox or nourish?

I believe the answer to whether we should detox or nourish rests entirely with you and your intuitive sense of what your body needs.

Cleansing and detoxing is good as it allows your body to function at it’s optimum level.  Free from toxins and overload. But we also need to nourish.

If you acted quickly and got a free copy of my 28 day detox plan then take a look through that for some handy detox hacks you can do at home.

I gathered the information for that 28 Day Detox over the years of working with clients for my colonic irrigation treatments.

Over the years I collected what worked for most people. I paid attention to what they said they liked and didn’t like. So as a collective of information that 28 Day Detox was born.

We are in lockdown right now. It’s a perfect opportunity to have a look in your cupboards and see what supplements you have. 

I love a good declutter. I find all sorts of things I had forgotten I had or every needed at some stage.

So take a look at what you find. Is there anything there you could benefit from taking?

Anything that would help to nourish your body and boost your immunity?

Remember to check expiry dates first!

Is there anything there that would help to nourish you right now? Perhaps some vitamins, food supplements, green food powder..?

Obviously staying hydrated is really important for flushing out toxins so make sure you drink the minimum of the recommended volume. 

I put a slice of lemon in my water to lift the flavour. Or if I’m out of lemon I will add a couple of drops of my doTERRA Lemon Essential oil. 

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