Dry Brush Exfoliation for Healthy Skin

Dry Brush Exfoliation for Healthy Skin

Dry skin body brushing speeds up the rate toxins are expelled from the body,

The dry skin body brushing motivates two key detoxification avenues, the blood cells and lymph tissue.  

Three things you should know before you start to body brush are 

  1. Skin brushing is done when you are dry, before a shower or bath.  Always brush lightly and gently, and avoid broken skin, thread veins and varicose veins.
  2.  Gently brush the soles of the feet, working your way up the legs, then up the arms and down the back.  Brush in long sweeping movements towards your heart, as it increases circulation and improves skin tone and texture.
  3.  Aim to brush for 5 minutes every morning.  It’s recommended you brush every morning for a month, then rest for a month, and then start brushing again for another month.

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Simple steps you can take to boost your wellbeing and have healthy glowing skin for your holidays!! 

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