Oxy-Powder. What I’ve learnt in 10 years

Oxy-Powder™ is a fantastic product. Hands down it's is the best colon cleanser I’ve found since 2005 when I opened The Wellbeing Clinic and over 10 years of specialising in Colonic Irrigation and constipation relief.

Oxy-Powder. What I’ve learnt in 10 years

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Oxy-Powder capsules can be used as

  • part of a detox
  • to relieve the symptoms of acute/chronic constipation
  • to help eliminate bloating.
  • promote clear bright skin & eyes
  • boosts energy levels

Oxy-Powder is a very powerful colon cleanser.  For those who don’t know Oxy-Powder, it comes in capsules not a powder.

Suggested use The manufacturer GHC recommend starting with four capsules in the evening on an empty stomach with a full glass of water. Then if you do not achieve 3-5 bowel movements the following day, you should then increase the dosage by adding two capsules every night until you achieve 3-5 bowel movements the following day.

Obviously GHC know their product inside out and want their customers to get the best from it.  But in my personal experience that dose is too much for people who are leading busy lives…with work, appointments, family and other commitments.

I should point out that the majority of my digestive health clients come to me with chronic or acute constipation. So, I am writing this post with those clients in mind.  If you have any queries in addition to what I cover today just Contact The Wellbeing Clinic Here

I always recommend my clients start on half the dose. 

  • that’s two capsules and then to increase by one capsule a day depending on results.
  • I would also suggest 2-3 bowel movements would be sufficient.
  • There is no maximum dose really so if you need to keep increasing to 5, 6 or 7 or more, that might happen. What you're aiming for is to go to the loo 2-3 times a day. 

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The 3 Most Common Side Effects

  1. The only side effect will be loose diarrhoea type movements.  The effects will wear off over the day, so if you do take too much don’t worry, just reduce your dose accordingly.
  2. I would suggest you decrease by one capsule also. Don’t just stop using Oxy-Powder.
  3. A lot of my clients have experienced a lot of gurgling and little movements in their gut during the first few days of taking Oxy-Powder.  This is normal and will settle down once your bowel starts to clear out all the old stuff in there!

    You will find once you have been taking Oxy-Powder for a couple of weeks you may be going to the loo more often.  This might be a sign that you may need to reduce your dose.

    1. Try decreasing by one capsule and see how you feel.  If it’s a thing that you are already only taking one or two capsules every night, you could consider skipping a night.  Taking your Oxy-Powder every other night instead.
    2. On the other hand, if you are moving okay but don’t feel as if you are emptying fully then you may need to take an extra capsule at night.
    3. Or perhaps if say 3 is not enough but 4 is too much you could consider taking 1 capsule half an hour before your lunch.  This will give an extra push without having you rush to the loo all morning.

    GHC says once you find your dosage, this is day one of the seven-day cleanse. You will stay on this dosage for seven consecutive days. After the seven-day cleanse, take the maintenance dose as directed.

    Good rule of thumb

    • Start slowly and gradually progress with the dosage. If you have a healthy diet a seven day cleanse every six months would be okay.
    • But it your diet is not so good and you are experiencing a lot of digestive related symptoms then you should really do the cleanse every three months.


    Use the number of capsules it takes for you to move once a day.  This is very much an individual amount but you should have a good idea after the seven-day cleanse. This can be taken indefinitely without becoming habit forming or harmful to the body.

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    Some more tips

    • Remember one of the causes of constipation is dehydration so make sure you are drinking 1.5-2 litres of water a day. Water will also help you flush out the toxins in your body.
    • Remember to pop a slice of lemon into your water.  This will increase the detox effect and make your Oxy-Powder more effective.
    • GHC suggest drinking purified water.  Now that would be really clean compared to tap water. But purified water can be difficult to find (normally in a pharmacy or salon supplier) and it is expensive.  If you choose to drink purified water great but if it's not something that is available to you don't worry. It will not affect how well the Oxy-Powder will work for you.  It’s a personal choice.
    • If you find capsules hard to take or are taking a large number of them, you can gently squeeze the capsule and tap out the powder into a glass of water. Stir and drink.  It tastes chalky and may actually cause bowel movements to start in a shorter period of time that if taken as a capsule.
    • Some people take their capsules in the morning so they have bowel movements later in the day.  This can work really well depending on your lifestyle and demands on your time.

    This is a pretty comprehensive blog post, so if you feel you need more, you probably need a one-to-one Book a Wellbeing Consultation with me.