Sleep, It’s So Important For A Good Detox

Sleep your way through your detox. Seriously, sleep is a vital part of detoxing.  

When we detox, we always tend to focus on the cleansing part.  And forget all about the healing and repair work that our bodies need.

a serene bedroom with a nightstand holding a clock and potted lavender, highlighting restful sleep's role in detox.

Whether it is a colon detox or juice detox you are doing we need to keep in mind that it is not only a matter of detoxing our systems, but giving our body enough time to re-generate while sleeping as well.

The importance of sleeping and getting in some much needed shut eye while your body is detoxing is so underrated.   Every body responds differently while detoxing their bodies. Some seem to glide through while other can have a horrible time of it. Withdrawals and toxin release can be pretty tough.

If you are someone who feels tired and in need of sleep then try to take some extra naps.  Your detox will continue to work when you sleep.  You don’t need to be awake and suffer through all of it! We need to rest and rejuvenate so the detox method we are using has ample time to do what it needs to.

The whole point of detoxing is to rid our bodies of toxins or chemicals we feel we may be addicted to. Our bodies can do this quite well in it’s own way, but we choose to give it a helping hand from time to time.  When we are sleeping our body can focus so much more of it’s energy on the detoxification process for us. This helps us to detox to the fullest extent possible.

For those who have difficulty sleeping, it is important that you attempt to get at least eight hours of sleep.  Sometimes, changing how and where you sleep can help you achieve a more peaceful sleep. Even if it’s just making sure the room is as dark as possible.  The temperature of the room you sleep in should be kept at a comfortable level at all times. Perhaps you could try some oil fragrances such as lavender or rose.  The more you exercise during the day, the more tired you’ll feel at night.  So remember to stay active if you feel you have enough energy while you detox.  Obviously if you feel wrecked then a nice walk will work equally as well.  Listen and feel for the signals your body is giving you.  Follow the pace your body sets for you.

Studies have shown that a detox works best when we maintain a consistent sleep schedule throughout the detox process. According to Chinese medicine it is recommended you try and get to sleep by 10pm if at all possible for the best effect.  It is crucial we stay in tune with our body, no matter which detoxification method we choose.  We need to keep in mind that it is not only a matter of detoxing our systems, but giving our body enough time to re-generate through sleep as well.